Wolf Spider  
When I stepped out of bed in the dark of early morning, still aiming my glasses at my face, the big blurry spot on the floor just looked like a big spider.

After my combo side-step, leap, fall, scream, thrust the glasses on my face, and dive toward the spider with the empty water cup from the night before move, when the spider was safely contained under the cup, I noticed that little spots were moving on the carpet around the cup.

Wolf Spider with babies on her back
They were baby spiders, so I started catching them too (spiders are fine - OUTSIDE!). I was stunned at how many spiders there were, so I counted them:
I can't even imagine watching that many kids! This is one busy spider.

Here's a close-up of one of her offspring next to her leg. You can see the claws on the end of the mothers leg:

Wolf Spider with 28 babies
Wolf Spider with babies on her back
Baby Wolf Spider
Wolf Spider eyes
Wolf Spider and offspring
Spiders are interesting creatures, but I really prefer them outside. That's where I put this one, baby spiders and all. If you like spiders, you might be happy to know that this last picture of a Brown Anole Lizard eating a Wolf Spider was taken two months after I evicted the mom and her babies.
Most spiders have eight eyes, and if you look carefully at these two pictures, you should be able to see the eight round black dots that are this Wolf Spiders eyes. There are four small eyes in a row at the front of her face, the two largest eyes are just above the row, and the two medium-sized eyes are further back on top of her head.
Brown Anole Lizard eating a Wolf Spider
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