Silver Argiope Spider  
Argiope Spider on its web with two silk wrapped meals
This Silver Argiope Spider spun its web on a Bloodberry bush where it could catch little bugs that searched for food in the delicate white flowers. One tender morsel is wrapped snugly in webbing to be consumed later.
Another spider snack is either being wrapped or eaten; I couldn't pause long enough to find out.

I'm not sure why the spider ignored this frayed Atala Butterfly that got caught in the web.

Close-up of Argiope Spider with a meal
Silver Argiope Spider
Silver Argiope Spider with an Atala Butterfly caught in its web
Close-up, body of Argiope Spider
In this photograph of the Silver Argiope spider and web, you can see four areas of the classic garden orb weaver zig-zag web design patterns. One of those (singular) is called stabilimentum, and more than one are called stabilimenta.

Pronunciation: 'web designs'

Silver Argiope Spider on its web with four stabilimenta
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