Selenops Spider  
This giant crab spider shows up on my porch some nights.

It has two little claws on its legs, and up really really close, they look like a curved comb with lots of teeth. I'll work on a better picture, but it's sort of creepy playing with spiders in the dark...

Giant Crab Spider, Selenops
Selenops Claw
Giant Crab Spider, Selenops
Selenops Spider Eyes
I've heard it called Giant Crab Spider, but I'll stick with Selenops because so many other spiders have similar common names. Anyhow, this Selenops spider has eight eyes across the front of its face:
Beyond that, I don't know too much about this bug. I killed the first one I found, which is how I got this close-up of those nasty looking fangs. I sure won't be picking one up!

Since then, I just leave them alone, and they don't bother me. I try to imagine them eating other bugs that I like less...

Giant Crab Spider, Selenops
Selenops Spider Fangs
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