It's probably a Misumena Vatia Flower Spider
The photos on this page are copyright Kathleen Toft-Nielsen, and used with permission.
Here's her story that goes with them:
Misumena Spider
Misumena Spider
I took these pictures of a very small white spider that I found in my Buddleia! The first time I saw it – I was about to stick my nose into a bloom for a good sniff – and saw it’s red eyes FIRST – thank goodness! I Only saw the one little spider – I always checked the blooms BEFORE sniffing from then on! Then one day I noticed one of the leaves on the same plant all curled up on itself. I was curious about what was IN there, so I pulled the leaf off and put it in a bug-box. Nothing happened except the leaves got VERY dry, so I pulled the stem out and picked the leaf open … and lo-n-behold, there was the little spider! I left it alone … and checked everyday – it had a ton of babies in with it one day.
Misumena Spider
Misumena Spider
Misumena Spider
Her live Buddleia is so beautiful that I had to share it here too. Perhaps I will buy another one. Thanks Kathi!
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