Misumena Spider Misumenops celer
This small Misumena Spider hid under an Aster flower until a White Peacock Butterfly happened by for a meal. When I got there, it was way too late for the butterfly, but I did capture the spider for pictures, and to remove it from my yard so it can't eat any more of my butterflies.

The Misumena spider looks a little rough; it's missing a palp, and I think it might have an infected eye.

See pictures of this crab spider eating the White Peacock butterfly.
... and a big thank you to Bill Kern for letting me know that my evil butterfly eating spider is a Flower crab spider, Misumenops celer (Family Thomisidae). He's doing a spider survey, so if you catch a house spider in South Florida, please check his site for directions on how to package your spider to send it to him.
Misumena Spider
Misumena Spider eyes
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