Itsy Bitsy Black & White Spider  
The itsy bitsy spider sat on a Phyla nodiflora stem for just a moment before scampering off beneath the low growing plants. It was frozen in place, like a deer in the headlights, allowing us a brief glimpse of its ever so tiny self - and then it was gone.
Itsy bitsy spider perched on a Phyla nodiflora stem
Itsy bitsy spider
Slender Phyla nodiflora stem on my fingertip to demonstate how itsy bitsy a spider perched on it is
Since the itsy bitsy spider wasn't inclined to cooperate and pause on my finger for a picture, here's my finger under a Phyla nodiflora stem so give you an idea of just how itsy bitsy the tiny black and white spider is.
Itsy bitsy black and white spider in a Florida lawn
The itsy bitsy spider when down under the plants and out of sight
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