Turtles in a row:
Sunbathing Turtles, well... at least one of them.
This next turtle is a hatchling; you can see that it's smaller than the freshwater mollusk shell it walked past on the way from its buried nest to the lake:
Turtles In A Row
Softshell Turtle
Soft-Shelled Turtles are easy identify because of their pointed snout.

If you touch them, they have a soft leathery feel instead of a very hard shell like the other turtles. (Wash your hands thoroughly if you do touch them!)

Yes, turtles leave the water to lay their eggs. They dig a hole, lower their rear end into it, lay their eggs, cover the hole up, and return to the water leaving their young to fend for themselves when they hatch, if they do. Raccoons often dig up the eggs and eat them first.
Sunbathing Turtles
Turtle peeking out of water lettuce:
Turtle peeking out of water lettuce
Softshell Turtles
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