Common Green Iguana Iguana iguana
(really - look it up)
These beasties are mostly tail, but when a really big one is looking at you, they're all mouth. I've gotten really close to several of them, and (so far) they don't seem aggressive.  It might make you feel better to know that they eat plants, not people, unless you have a garden, in which case that's bad news.
Common Green Iguana
Iguanas are cute when they're little. This one even drank water out of my hand:
This baby Iguana that is asleep in my hand hatched in the wild in Broward County in 2001. They've since moved to many more areas of the state, and are taking over parts of Palm Beach County too.
Sleeping Baby Iguana
Baby Iguana
Common Green Iguana
Baby Iguana Drinking Water From My Hand
The problem is that they don't belong here. Iguanas are not native to Florida. Yes, they're cute little green lizards, but they grow up, and while they do, they eat our plants, climb trees, poo on our heads, and displace other creatures that belong here. Humm.... It's a changing world. I'm sure not the one to decide...

I would strongly suggest that if you know Iguanas are in the area, do NOT stand under the trees. What comes down would send you to a disinfecting shower really really fast; I've SEEN it fall!

Big Iguana
This large iguana lives at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands. I was delighted to get pictures of it with it's dewlap out and with its tongue extended!
Iguana sticking out it's tongue
We had a cold snap that did a number on a number of our iguanas. They were falling out of the trees dead. I'm not sure if this one made it through or not.

Check out those yellow feet:

Iguana with it's mouth open
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