Green Anole  
Green Anoles are cool looking lizards but they're a bit camera shy. I used to see a lot more of them in Florida when I was a kid. Now I can go a year without seeing one. The brown anoles seem to have taken over the territory.
Green Anole perched on Coontie
Green Anole
The green lizard below ran across a Firebush, but paused a moment to look at me. The one on the left is on Coontie.
Green Anoles are very observant lizards; they see you coming and vanish quickly. That makes them particularly difficult to photograph.

This green anole on the fence was perfectly situated on top of the rail, until I aimed the camera at it, but I rather like the shot anyway.

Green Anole lizard on a Firebush leaf
Green Anole lizard hiding behind a rail
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