Eastern Glass Lizard Ophisaurus ventralis
The first Glass Lizard we found in our yard scared my husband to death. He though it was a venomous snake. Nature isn't his favorite thing, but somehow he loves me despite my perpetual obsession with it. I calmly explained that it was a beneficial legless lizard that ate bugs for us. He still wants nothing to do with them, but at least he didn't flip when, after catching it, I (ok, childishly) chased him around the yard with it (oh, what I'd do for video!)

After enduring a lot of laughter, he even got brave enough to hold it briefly. He explained that he isn't afraid of all "disgusting creatures", just intelligent enough to avoid putting himself at risk by putting himself in close proximity to a possibly hazardous life form. Sigh. I'm guessing he'll never love nature, but at least he generally tolerates it for me.

Eastern Glass Lizard, Ophisaurus ventralis
I've seen Glass Lizards quite a few times since that laughable afternoon. Unfortunately, once was when I found one while using the weed eater. Oops.

I discovered that they like to live under things, like snakes do, so after the weed eater day I stuck a few small pieces of very thin plywood in a few of my garden areas, covered with mulch, to provide cover for them. The last time I checked, one had three Glass Lizards under it. I only peeked briefly, because I don't want to disturb them.

In the (sorry, blurry) photo on the left, a Red Shouldered Hawk is flying away with one of my Glass Lizards. I took the picture through a screened window, so it wasn't very clear.

Eastern Glass Lizard, Ophisaurus ventralis
Eastern Glass Lizard, Ophisaurus ventralis
Eastern Glass Lizard, Ophisaurus ventralis
Red Shouldered Hawk Eating An Eastern Glass Lizard
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