House Gecko  
These cute translucent little lizards lurk on porch walls in the evening, usually by a lamp, ready to scarf up any little bug lured in by the light. They're my night lizards.

Gecko feet are amazing things; look at how they cling to the wall. When you walk up and startle them, sometimes they freeze and stare at you, but usually they run away so fast you aren't sure which way they went. Think about that - they're running across a wall,  sometimes upside-down on the ceiling, and so far, I haven't seen one fall. Wow.

Two geckos eating bugs attracted by a porch lamp
The next time a gecko pauses near you, take a close look at it. Many of their insides are visible through their translucent skin.
Here's a gecko on a finger. They're quite harmless, although they'd prefer you think otherwise.
When a cornered gecko is afraid of you, and you won't leave it alone, sometimes it will open it's mouth and try to scare you. If you stick your finger in there, or as I've seen some kids do, an earlobe, the gecko will chomp down and hold on for a while. Humm... gecko earrings. To me, it's a little pinch; they don't' bite very hard.
I found these gecko eggs, so of course had to hold on to them until they hatched. See how tiny the baby gecko hatchling in my hand is? I stuck the dime there to give you a better idea of the size of the gecko eggs and gecko hatchling.
gecko on Donald's finger
Menacing little gecko trying to scare me away
gecko hatchling, gecko eggshell, and unhatched gecko egg next to a dime in my hand
Gecko eating a wolf spider
If you know someone who dislikes geckos or is afraid of them, show them this picture of the gecko eating the spider. I think of them as little house guardians keeping eating many creepy-crawlies that might otherwise find a way in, like this wolf spider.
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