Florida Frogs & Toads  
Frog in a lamp
We found this big frog, and several others, when we changed a light bulb in the lamp post outside. I suspect that they enjoyed the heat from the bulb, as well as an endless supply of little bugs to nibble on; the light attracted their dinner. The lamp is a perfect frog habitat, and redefines the term "bug lamp."
Frog in a lamp
Frogs in a lamp
Peek-A-Boo Froggie:
I'm rather fond of my frogs; they're extremely cute. They eat bugs, and birds eat them. Florida has more than thirty different kinds of frogs and toads, but fewer live where I am in the south.
Unfortunately many of the frogs I find look like Cuban Tree Frogs, and they're considered invasive. Well, when they hop on my window and amuse me while I'm doing dishes I still appreciate them, invasive or not!
This yellow-lipped green frog is a Squirrel Treefrog. It reminds me of Kermit.
Frog in a vase
This Glossy Ibis tried really hard to eat this frog, but after a lengthy battle it gave up; the frog was too large for it to swallow.
I've found frogs sleeping on leaves during the day, swimming in the wetlands, hanging out by porch lights, in bird beaks...
Glossy Ibis eating a Frog
little frog on my finger
little frog
Frog on a window
baby frog by a dime
Florida Swamp Frog
One day when I get my bugs sorted out I'll work on figuring out which frog is which. In the meantime, I'm content to enjoy them and share a few here after they hop into view.
Frog in Duckweed
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