This Snake Went Fishing  
My children wanted to go fishing, so we took them. My daughter was wildly excited at catching her first fish. We put it on a stringer, and a little while later we had a visit by this small version of the Loch Ness Monster:
snake eating a fish
snake eating a fish
snake eating a fish
She was so excited to catch the fish, and all of a sudden she was shocked beyond her years, standing with tears running down her face... I was somewhere between feeling completely horrible for her, laughing like crazy at her expression (which I managed not to do!), trying to comfort her, trying to keep both kids away from the at that time unidentified snake (which turned out to be non-venomous, but I'd guess that the fish would argue 'harmless'!), and snapping pictures of this once in a lifetime as fast as I could.
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