Brown Anole Lizard Anolis sagrei
This Brown Anole Lizard, Anolis sagrei, is showing off his dewlap, that colorful flap of skin under his neck. In the first picture he's just starting to open it, and in the second it is nearly fully extended. In the third, he's jumped off the rock and vanished out of sight, so I didn't post that picture.
Anolis sagrei
Brown Anole Lizard, Anolis sagrei
This next brown anole is trapped in my son's hands. I can't say the lizard was happy about the experience, but at least it was released intact and alive.
Brown Anole Lizard
I have another lizard that might still be a Brown Anole, but it's a lot darker and I'm not quite sure about it.
See my page about a Brown Anole lizard eating a Roach, or look at one eating a Mole Cricket.
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