Brahminy Blind Snake ramphotyphlops braminus
The first Blind Snake I ran across was one my mom found squiggling across her floor. She emailed me this photograph to find out what it was.

It turns out that the Blind Snake is the smallest snake in the world. They're smaller than worms I've used for fishing.

I've since found quite a lot of them in my yard, usually while fixing a broken sprinkler. They seem to stay underground. I've heard that they eat ant eggs, and given our Fire Ant problems down here in South Florida, I'm happy to have these Blind Snakes around even though they are not native to Florida.

These Brahminy Blind Snakes aren't very interesting to photograph, but they're neat little critters anyway.

I've been told that they are all female. Have fun looking them up to figure out how that works!

Brahminy Blind Snake, ramphotyphlops braminus
Brahminy Blind Snake, ramphotyphlops braminus
Brahminy Blind Snake, ramphotyphlops braminus
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