Wild Coffee Psychotria nervosa
Wild Coffee Bush
Wild Coffee is a bush with nice glossy leaves. The leaves ripple between the veins providing a pattern that stands out to add texture to your garden, particularly when the sunlight shimmers off of them. It's pretty.
Ruddy Daggerwing Butterfly sips nectar from a small white Wild Coffee flower
Little red and black ladybug resting on a Wild Coffee leaf
That little red and black beetle perched on the Wild Coffee leaf is a tiny ladybug. The ladybugs were eating scale on a nearby plant, so it was just there by chance; these bees were on the the Wild Coffee to get food. Several of them were buzzing from flower to white flower.
This other tiny beetle paused on a nearby leaf briefly and then flew away.
Tiny reddish brown and white beetle briefly paused on a Wild Coffee leaf
The coolest critter I've found on Wild Coffee so far is this amazingly green cricket. Early in the morning it was sitting on a wet leaf. I only saw it once.
I've seen this green anole a few times, but it's really hard to sneak up on a lizard, so this is the only picture you get of this one. There are a few more on my green anole page.
The large orange butterflies sipping nectar from the tiny white Wild Coffee flowers are Ruddy Daggerwings. They swoop in, sip their fill, and vanish high into the air and far into the distance.
Bee slurping nectar from a tiny white Wild Coffee flower
Tiny reddish brown and white beetle briefly paused on a Wild Coffee leaf
This brown anole sat on a leaf for a while, and these two flies buzzed in briefly.
Big green cricket sitting on a wet Wild Coffee leaf
Wild Coffee leaf under a Green Anole
Two Ruddy Daggerwings enjoying Wild Coffee
Ruddy Daggerwing Butterfly sipping Wild Coffee nectar
Wild Coffee Flowers, and a bee
Brown anole lizard hanging out on a Wild Coffee bush
Wild looking black and white long-legged fly standing on a Wild Coffee leaf
Red-eyed fly snacking on a Wild Coffee flower
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