Vine Virginia Creeper Parthenocissus quinquefolia
Virginia Creeper vine covering a tree stump
These tiny white flowers decorate Virginia Creeper Vines, and this tiny egg decorated a flower bud.
Virginia Creeper flowers
Here's a tree stump I hid with Virginia Creeper Vine. This one was easy to hide, because the vine was all over the pine tree before the hurricanes, so I didn't even have to plant it there. That was a fine solution for a little while, until I realized how very many ants and other bugs will move into a tree stump. On one hand, they help hollow it out so it becomes easier to cut and move, yet on the other hand, I'm not terribly thrilled at the idea of ant habitat near a human dwelling.

I suspect that the egg will hatch into one of these tiny sphinx moth caterpillars. I am so tempted to bring it inside to find out for sure, but that will have to be a story for a different summer; life's a bit busy right now.

Egg on Virginia Creeper
Sphinx mothe caterpillar on Virginia Creeper
Virginia Creeper with red new vine growth
Further up the vine I found a parasitized caterpillar covered in white wasp cocoons.
Braconid Wasp cocoons on a Virginia Creeper moth caterpillar
This larger wasp was resting on a leaf,
Wasp on Virginia Creeper
and I found this bush katydid nymph on my Virginia Creeper flowers several times while it grew up. It was a beautiful bug, although quite shy. It took a lot of tries to get a decent picture of it before it hopped out of sight.
Bush Katydid Nymph on Virginia Creeper
'Grasshopper' came to mind when I first saw it, but a nagging feeling said that wasn't quite right with those long wispy antenna, so I sent a picture of it to bug guide to find out what it was.
Virginia Creeper is a vine. It is just as happy sneaking across a lawn as it is creeping up a tree like this Norfolk Island Pine.
Virginia Creeper growing across the ground
It is quite content growing in Australian Pine too. This beautiful tendril draped pleasantly across the needles.
Virginia Creeper growing up a Norfolk Island Pine Tree
Virginia Creeper growing on an Australian Pine Tree
These two Gulf Fritillary Butterflies were making good use of the vine. They appeared to be getting prepared to bed down on it for the night. The Australian Pines provide a bit of shelter from the wind that the butterflies enjoy.
Gulf Fritillary Butterflies resting on Virginia Creeper
Virginia Creeper in bloom
This ladybug was under a leaf that wasn't looking too healthy.
Red and black Ladybug under a Virginia Creeper leaf
And this one was crawling up a tendril of new vine. Elsewhere an Ambush Bug sat waiting for prey to wander past:
Ladybug on Virginia Creeper
Ambush bug lurking on Virginia Creeper
I tried numerous times to get a picture of this tiny beetle. It was excellent at escape! I've no idea what it is, so I sent it to Bug Guide too.
A few of my Virginia Creeper Vines have little red aphids sucking on them. These ants go back and forth up the vine tending to them.
Ant herding red aphids on Virginia Creeper
Metallic blue beetle on Virginia Creeper
Ant herding red aphids on Virginia Creeper
This was a creepy find - a ghostly white spider is eating a skipper butterfly that came to nectar on my Cnidoscolus bush. Virginia Creeper keeps trying to creep up and over the bush, and I don't want it to get covered in creeper like this invasive Schefflera is.
Virginia Creeper growing up a Schefflera
I recently found another spider eating one of these little Ichneumon wasps.
Ghostly white spider eating a skipper butterfly behind a red tendril of Virginia Creeper vine

When Virginia Creeper creeps up other plants like this Norfolk Island pine tree, it can make it all the way to the top.

little Ichneumon wasps on a Virginia Creeper leaf
Virginia Creeper growing all the way to the top of a tall Norfolk Island Pine Tree
Now, flies are not my favorite bugs, but some of them are really interesting.
Fly on Virginia Creeper
Virginia Creeper Berries
Fly on Virginia Creeper
Virginia Creeper in bloom
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