Sweet Bay Magnolia  
swallowtail caterpillar on sweet bay magnolia
A swallowtail laid eggs on mine at least once; I found the caterpillars. Unfortunately, something else did to, and apparently it ate them.
eggs on sweet bay magnolia
This last time I got eggs (I don't know what eggs, because I thought the swallowtails that use this as a host plant laid their eggs spread out over the plant, not in a cluster), but they disappeared one by one and I never found a caterpillar. I think the swallowtail that uses Sweet Bay as a host plant lays single eggs here and there, so I'm not even sure what eggs these were. Next time the eggs go INSIDE to hatch! Hopefully next time will be soon. I'll update this page when and if there is, or when I get a better photo of the whole tree (it's a bit small right now.)
eggs on sweet bay magnolia
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