Spanish Needles Bidens alba
Spanish Needles flowers are a butterfly favorite; these two Zebra Heliconian butterflies are sipping nectar from them.

It's also one mean daisy if you happen to brush up against it when it goes to seed! The long needle-like seeds (burrs - they stick to your clothes!) tend to burst out when they're ready.

I walked by one and it popped open against my arm - what a shock that was! If you brush by one that's all ready open, they just stick all over your clothes, but you'll jump if one pops right at you.

 Who wants this mess? Any dedicated butterfly gardener wants it, because it's a butterfly favorite! This White Peacock Butterfly is sure enjoying it:
Spanish Needles burrs
White Peacock Butterfly on Spanish Needles
Bee on Spanish Needles
Zebra Heliconian butterflies nectar on Spanish Needles Flowers
I've seen Zebra Heliconian, Gulf Fritillary, Julia, White Peacock, Horace's Duskywing and various other skipper butterflies nectar on Spanish Needles, and that's just off the top of my head without going back through my photos. It is by far the best nectar plant I have for butterfly variety.
Zebra Heliconian Butterfly nectars on Spanish Needles
This little polka-dotted moth was enjoying the Spanish Needles nectar when the bee buzzed by:
Moth nectars on Spanish Needles
Phaon Crescent Butterfly nectars on Spanish Needles
Hidden pictures game: Somewhere on this page, there is something lurking on one of the Spanish Needles Flowers that is dangerous to butterflies. Can you find it? If you give up, you can find a clue on this page.
Gray Hairstreak Butterfly sipping nectar from Spanish Needles Flower
Cassius Blue Butterfly seeking nectar in a Spanish Needles Flower
Queen Butterfly seeking nectar in a Spanish Needles Flower
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