Snowberry Chiococca alba
Snowberry, Chiococca alba, white berries and cream flowers
I found this plant in bloom, and absolutely adore the flowers. I grabbed a few pictures, and a couple of seeds. The seeds haven't done anything for me yet, and to be honest, now I can't remember which flowerpot I tucked them into. I really need to take notes when I plant stuff.

The white berries on this shrub caught my eye from a distance, and when I got close the flowers reminded me of Lilly of the Valley flowers, which I also love, but can't grow down here in Florida as far as I know.

I was (an am) still getting used to my new camera, so the pictures aren't as nice as I'd like, but they're enough for you to identify the plant, so I'm making the page anyway.

Snowberry, Chiococca alba, flowers
Snowberry, Chiococca alba, flowers
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