Rosary Pea Abrus precatorius
Rosary Pea, Abrus precatorius, is not native to Florida.  It grows all over the place, at least in Southeast Florida. The seeds are extremely poisionous. This is a good plant to glove up, rip out, bag, and dispose of. As you know if you've browsed my site, I don't feel that way about most plants, but I keep finding this vine growing over other plants I love, and I've never seen a neat critter use it... given that, and that it's an invasive pest plant down here, I'm happy to pull up any that tries to take root in my yard.
I've just searched all of my photos for a nice one of the vine and the leaves, but I just don't have a better picture than the thumbnail on the other plants page. It's pouring out (yeah!!! drought buster?) so I'm not inclined to go out for one right now. I'll get to it... (email me if you want me to hurry up and get to it faster; I tend to forget things.)
Rosary Pea, Abrus precatorius, flowers and seed pods
Rosary Pea, Abrus precatorius, seeds and seed pods
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