Fairy Cups Richardia grandiflora
This lawn weed has tiny flowers that look pink, or white, or even a tiny bit purple depending on the light, or perhaps the plant, or the age of the flower. It's all over Palm Beach and Broward Counties in Southeast Florida.

Mosaic at http://www.curevents.com posted the name of this pink weed. Thanks Mosaic!

I found it here too: http://plants.ifas.ufl.edu/ricgra.html and was sad to see that it is not a Florida native plant. Lots of butterflies, like this Gulf Fritillary, and other moths and critters sip nectar from it, so even though it isn't a native, and some folks call it a weed and spend a lot of time and effort and money trying to get rid of it, I'll keep mowing around little bits of it when it's flowering to provide additional food for my butterflies.

Gulf Fritillary Butterfly Necatars On Pink Lawn Weed, Richardia grandiflora, Fairy Cups
I put this photo up, and went outside with the camera to grab a picture of the leaves of this (when I made the page) mystery plant. I walked and walked, staring at the lawn, but there wasn't a single one in bloom. I did find and photograph bacopa, which I suppose you could confuse with this if you were looking just for pinkish flowers, but bacopa has five rounded petals, and this has six pointy ones. That's helpful, because now I'll make the bacopa page. (Update, I made the page.)

Then I saw a crescent butterfly, and chased it for a bit, but it got away before I got a picture; fortunately I have other photos of them.

I wonder what the neighbors think... I peer at the lawn, crouched down with the camera, and then leap up and run in odd circles chasing something they can't see...

Pink Lawn Weed, Richardia grandiflora, Fairy Cups
Barred Yellow Butterfly Nectars On Pink Lawn Weed, Richardia grandiflora, Fairy Cups
Pink Lawn Weed, Richardia grandiflora, Fairy Cups
It bugged me... I went for a drive and found some to photograph. The butterfly on the left is a Barred Yellow.
The stems are round and hairy. It's a tough little plant, not at all tender and easy to break like some softer weeds.

It's little plants like this Richardia grandiflora that keep me from using weed killer in my lawn; it's fun to see what comes to visit them.

To see more of what sips from my Fairy Cups, have a look at Richardia grandiflora Page Two.

Pink Lawn Weed, Richardia grandiflora, Fairy Cups
Pink Lawn Weed, Richardia grandiflora, Fairy Cups
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