Pond Apple Tree  

Pond Apple, as its name implies, is quite happy growing in very wet places. Since it thrives in wetlands, it provides excellent cover for nesting wading and wetland birds like this green heron with her chicks.

Pond Apple Tree Flower

I've heard that if you're really really hungry, perhaps lost in the swamp, you can eat the pond apple fruit, but that you'll regret the flavor. Don't try that unless you look up for yourself if it's edible; I haven't tasted it to find out.

Green Heron with her chicks in a nest in a Pond Apple Tree
Caterpillar damage on Pond Apple Tree leaf
Pond Apple Tree Fruit
early instar citrus fruit piercer moth caterpillar, gonodonta nutrix, on Pond Apple leaf
Green Heron with her chicks in a nest in a Pond Apple Tree

Look carefully at the branches, and flip some leaves over to find out what's chewing them up. You might find one of these cute gonodonta nutrix caterpillars.

If you find evidence of nibbling critters on your pond apple leaves...

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