Plumbago is fabulous for your butterfly garden. It's one of my very favorite plants. All sorts of things come to sip from it, my Cassius Blue Butterflies are all over it all of the time, it does not grow out of control or get too tall, it has an endless supply of colorful flowers... need I say more?
Plumbago Flower
Above - a Cassius Blue Butterfly Caterpillar on Plumbago.
The Cassius Blue Caterpillar is so small that I took this photograph through a magnifying glass:
Cassius Blue Caterpillar on Plumbago
Cassius Blue Caterpillar on Plumbago
looper caterpillar on Plumbago
I came across this inchworm while I was looking for the Cassius Blue larvae. It made the green cocoon (below) beneath a corner of the paper towel I had in the bug box to help keep it clean. That makes me think that outside it would have hidden beneath leaves on the ground.
caterpillar on Plumbago
moth cocoon
Oops. I didn't update this right away, and now I'm not completely sure which caterpillar became this moth. Well... one of them did, and the other got away before I got a picture. This one is a very tiny moth, and it flew off while I was taking pictures of it. I guess I'll have to search my Plumbago for new caterpillars to raise, and try again.
I finally got around to looking this moth up; it's a Soybean Looper Moth -- Pseudoplusia includens, so it's the green looper caterpillar.
looper caterpillar on Plumbago made cocoon
...and then there was this little guy; three of them actually. It finally made a cocoon... and later emerged as a small moth.
Plumbago bushes are clearly great host plants for a variety of creatures. They are also great nectar plants. I've seen lots of butterflies on mine including these:

Monk Skipper Butterflies like Plumbago. See its proboscis inside the flower:

Polydamas Swallowtail Butterfly nectars on Plumbago
Plumbago Moth
Plumbago Moth
Here's a Polydamas Swallowtail Butterfly having a sip of nectar from a Plumbago flower. I've had lots of other butterflies: sulphurs, swallowtails, Gulfs and more come visit my Plumbago, and will add photos as I have time.
Monk Skipper Butterfly nectars on Plumbago
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