I have a grapefruit tree. It used to be shaded by Australian Pine trees.  The hurricanes tore it up some, and dropped Australian Pine branches on it. We finally got rid of the Australian Pines that were around it.  Now it's sitting there, suffering from the drought, eaten by so many things I can't count them all, and half dead. I hate to spray the plants in my yard, but this is one plant I have sprayed before. It REALLY needs it now... and I was going to do it soon, before the flowers come, but then this Giant Swallowtail laid EGGS on it! Um, now what?  I want the tree... I want the eggs...
Grapefruit Tree
No, I'm not posting a better photo of that most embarrassing tree. I plucked some of the eggs off, will raise them inside, and I guess I'll have to spray the thing. Fortunately I have Wild Lime and Hercules' Club trees to feed the Giant Swallowtail caterpillars I brought in. I think I'll raise them on Wild lime leaves; both are still saplings, but my Wild Lime is the larger of the two, and I know where there's a nice big one I can pinch extra leaves from if needed.

Here's a leaf from my grapefruit tree.

Grapefruit leaf
Giant Swallowtail and Orange-barred Sulphur Butterflies
Raising butterflies is fun. The Giant Swallowtail Butterfly and the Orange-barred Sulphur Butterfly both emerged on the same day. Orange-barred Sulphurs are pretty big bugs, but the Giant Swallowtail is HUGE.
Well, that's it for grapefruit for now. The tree finally died, which is a shame, because the juice was wonderful.
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