Fire flag Thalia
Fire flag has huge leaves, delicate purple flowers, and is found in our wetlands.
Purple Gallinule eating a Fire flag flower
Fire flag
Purple Fire Flag Flower
Purple Gallinule eating Fire flag flowers
Fire flag provides cover as well as food for our wetland birds.
This Purple Gallinule is perched on the slender flower stalk snacking on the flowers. It's fun to watch them reach the end of the stalk and flap their wings as it bends under their weight.
    I've seen Common Moorhens and Green Herons nest in the cover of the Fire flag plants.
These two Least Bitterns fly in and out of the Fire flag a lot, and I saw a chick nearby recently, so I'm guessing that they're nesting in there too, but they are very secretive birds and tend to stay mostly out of sight.
These little bugs were hanging out together on a fire flag stalk:
I coaxed them onto my hand for a better picture because the fire flag was waving in the breeze. Then I put them back on it.
Two Least Bitterns Perched on Fireflag Flower Stalk
Purple Gallinule eating Fire flag flowers
Pair of bugs on a fire flag flower stalk
Pair of fire flag bugs on my thumb
This young Palm Warbler, at least that's what bird I think this is, is going for something in the fire flag. I'm not sure if it's after the plant or a bug, but it's sure determined to get it:
Palm Warbler on fire flag
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