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This long-legged fly was enjoying a snack while resting on a Firebush leaf. See the little bit of something in its mouth? I startled it, and it flew. That's a mid-air flying fly shot! Here's the whole picture.
Long-legged fly hovering above Firebush
These two metallic long-legged flies were hanging out on a leaf in better light.
Two metallic long-legged flies on a Firebush leaf
Speaking of flies, there are just a few more before I move on to other bugs I've found on Firebush. This blue bug was resting on a leaf. I think it's a fly... I've found all of these other bugs, but never seen one of these sitting still again, darn it! What a wild looking creature!
Blue Bug, probably a Syrphid Fly, on Firebush
This yellow and brown Syrphid fly looks a lot like the blue one, except for the color difference, of course.
Yellow and brown Syrphid Fly on Firebush
This little green larva wrapped around the red Firebush flower is the larva of a different Syrphid fly: Pseudodoros clavatus.
Tiny reddish orange fly on a Firebush leaf
Itsy-bitsy spider on a Firebush leaf
Syrphid fly: Pseudodoros clavatus larva on a Firebush flower
It looks like some kind of scary wasp, and it's huge, but it's another harmless fly - a Mydas Fly.
Mydas fly on a Firebush leaf
I've seen spiders like this one eat these tiny red flies.
The tiny orange dot with black legs on the ripening  Firebush berries is an assassin bug nymph.
Assassin bug nymph on Firebush berries
Creepy, isn't it? This critter is a cotton stainer.
Cotton Stainer on Firebush
Green Anoles are not as common as they used to be, at least where I've been looking. I was delighted to see this one peeking out of the Firebush at me.
Green Anole Lizard on Firebush
This Firebush was a bit chewed up, but the Queen Butterfly didn't seem to mind.
Queen Butterfly sipping Firebush nectar
Stinkbugs enjoy an occasional Firebush snack too.
little brown stinkbug iwth its proboscis in a Firebush flower
Hyalymenus Bug:
Gulf Fritillary Butterfly sipping nectar from a Firebush flower
Hyalymenus Bug on a Firebush leaf
These white weevils are all over the place, but I don't usually see them chewing on Firebush. This one might have simply paused in passing.
Big Beetle and webbing on Firebush leaves
I wonder which sort of bug hatched out of this little green egg?
Green bug egg on a Firebush leaf
M. Undatus Weevil on Firebush

That big beetle disappeared rather quickly, and so did whatever curled the leaf. Sometimes I find spiders in the curled leaves, but most often I find them empty.

Polydamas Swallowtail Butterfly sipping nectar from a Firebush flower
Another butterfly that visits my Firebushes is this Polydamas Swallowtail. They're fast, like the Giant Swallowtails, and hard to photograph when they eat.
Little moth under a Firebush flower
Tiny moths like this one fluttered about the bush for a while, but they landed upside-down in the shadows and were very skittish.
Peek-a-boo wasp on a Firebush flower
...and last, but not least, this wasp that is usually patrolling my host plants for caterpillars seemed to snack on a flower too.
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