Duck Potato  
Duck Potato provides food and shelter for our small wetland birds, and food for the insects they eat. These Red-winged Blackbird chicks are nestled in the nest their parents built by carefully weaving plants around the Duck Potato stalks.

The bugs seeking nectar on the Duck Potato flowers provide a ready source of food for the mom and dad birds, like this female Red-winged Blackbird, to feed their young.

Duck Potato: White and Yellow Wetland Flower
Between the Duck Potato and the water, a male Anhinga scolds a Black-necked Stilt for landing too close to his sunbathing spot:
Female Red-Winged Blackbird Perches on Duck Potato
... and here a Great Egret passes by it.
Red-winged Blackbird Chicks in nest built in Duck Potato
Duck Potato: White and Yellow Wetland Flower
Duck Potato: White and Yellow Wetland Flower
Insects nectaring on a Duck Potato flower
Male Anhinga hollering at a Black-Necked Stilt beside a Duck Potato Plant
green Bug on a duck potato flower petal
Great Egret walks past some Duck Potato Flowers
I need to keyword my images better! I looked for another picture to put here, and I know I have lots of pictures of birds near this plant, but I did not always keyword the flower too. Oops.. I'll go take some more pictures to share and catch up with you here later. Meanwhile, have a look at some of those birds.
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