Dandelions are either pretty yellow flowers, or vile weeds; it depends on your point of view.
Yellow Dandelion Flower
Some people like Dandelions because deer eat them. I also know some people who eat dandelion salad made from the leaves before the flowers bloom, but I haven't personally tried it and I don't suggest that you eat it without verifying that it's safe. Anything that grows by a road-side has been exposed to exhaust fumes, and any plant this hated by so many is likely to have been sprayed with something to kill it. Think before you pick!
I've always thought that Dandelions look like sunshine on a stem, and I've always enjoyed blowing the seed puffballs. Obviously I'm not a Dandelion hater, but then I do like most of my weeds for various reasons.
Green Jagged Edged Dandelion Leaf
Dandelion Puffball
Dandelions in a Florida Lawn
Dandelion leaves are long and narrow with jagged edges.
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