Dayflower Commelina diffusa
For a long time I hated this weed, because no amount of pulling got rid of it. Then we found a wooly bear caterpillar eating it. I was glad I had plenty more of the weed to feed the caterpillar. It turned into a beautiful Giant Leopard Moth.

I didn't know what my little blue flowered weed was, but with some help from Philip, I narrowed it down to Commelina. Thanks Phil!

Commelina diffusa flowers are very small, but their beautiful shade of blue makes up in color what they lack in size. They're growing on me, so to speak.

If you know what bug this red and black beetle perched on the flower is, send me an email with your ID please.

Below a honeybee (I think) is getting pollen or nectar out of an afternoon flower. That's an aged, half wilted Dayflower.

Red and Black Beetle on Commelina diffusak, Dayflower
Honeybee on Commelina diffusak, Dayflower
Commelina diffusak, Dayflower
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