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Cassia Alata is not a Florida native Cassia, but it is a great host plant for sulphur butterflies.

There are lots of different kinds of Cassia plants. I don't have them all, but all of the ones that I do have are on the Cassia page this link takes you to.

Cassia Alata (Candlestick Cassia) in bloom with immature seed pods.
Sulphur butterfly caterpillar and egg on Cassia Alata (Candlestick Cassia) leaves.
The yellow blooms stick up like candles, so I presume that's how this plant got its common name. The green things sticking out under the flowers are seed pods. They'll turn a dark brown and split open to spill their seeds when they mature.

Cassia Alata is also a nectar plant; check out the skipper butterfly sipping from the flower in the photograph below (I think it's a Monk Skipper. It has a very long proboscis!)

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