Cassia Senna
When you look up Cassia or Senna trying to figure out what plant you need for that beautiful yellow butterfly, it can get very confusing fast. There are lots of varieties, tons of common names, and very few straight answers. On this page, I'm posting images of the Cassia plants I have decent photos of, and each one links to a page on that Cassia plant.
Cassia Alata, Candlestick Cassia
Cassia bicapsularis
Cassia bicapsularis
Desert Cassia:
Desert Cassia
Cassia Alata
Pointy leaf Cassia plants:
I bought a couple of them a very long time ago, and they were supposed to be Florida native plants. The nursery has since stopped selling them because it was too confusing to figure out which were "native" and which were not. Here's my best guess on my two:
Native Bahama cassia, Cassia bahamensis (It only lived a few years... probably had something to do with the giant Australian Pine Tree that landed on it during a hurricane.)
Privet Cassia, senna ligustrina (email me if you have an opinion)
Privet Cassia, senna ligustrina
Cassia bahamensis
Cassia chamaecrista, Partridge Pea
Cassia chamaecrista (Partridge Pea) {no page on this one because it got covered with white scale and died.} That big dark spot is a bumblebee that was so loud I heard it from half way across the yard:
My site grows with both my garden, and my spare time, and who ever has enough time to finish stuff... I just keep doing it little by little, so stay tuned, and send me an email if you want me to update a particular page faster.
The sulphur butterflies that use these plants as their host plants are as confusing as the Cassia / Senna plants are, but I think I've figured mine out now.
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