Butterfly Bush Buddleia
I've had several butterfly bush plants, but they always die. I'm in Southeast Florida. Perhaps the weather down here isn't suited to them?

Now that I've gone through all of my photos trying to find decent ones for this page, I'm considering wasting just a little more money and effort by getting another butterfly bush and planting it. My butterflies sure did enjoy the ones I used to have. I'd like to believe that my gardening skills are better, and that I might keep a new one alive, but we're also under watering restrictions (still!) so I'm not sure if I'm going to give it a try or not. I'll let you know...

butterfly bush, Buddleia
Kathi sent me photos of a spider that had babies on her Buddleia; her plant is so very beautiful! I think I'll look for another to replace the ones I had and see if I can keep them alive this time. She's further south, and hers is doing well.
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