Brazilian Pepper Schinus terebinthifolius
Brazilian Pepper is a beautiful, but otherwise vile (at least here in South Florida where it's it's an invasive fast growing problem) plant. You can cut it down and spray as much total vegetation killer on it as you please, but the creepy stuff keeps growing back.

If you leave it alone, it spreads and spreads until it's the only plant in the area.

I haven't seen any butterflies or bugs nectar on it, and I haven't seen any birds eat the berries. The thing is nothing but a nuisance (in my area) that displaces other plants.

Brazilian Pepper Tree, Schinus terebinthifolius
Brazilian Pepper Tree, Schinus terebinthifolius
Brazilian Pepper Tree, Schinus terebinthifolius, fruit
Brazilian Pepper Tree, Schinus terebinthifolius, leaves
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