Bloodberry Cordia globosa
Bloodberry bush looks kind of scrubby; put it in the back somewhere, and leave it lots of room to expand; it gets very wide. Don't put it by a door you open a lot, it attracts all sorts of other little bugs that you probably don't want inside!

That said, it's a great plant, particularly for a hedge to offer the butterflies both food, and shelter from the wind (and perhaps block some view you'd rather not see.)

Here is a Red Admiral Butterfly sipping nectar from a Bloodberry Bush flower. See how its proboscis is uncurled and the tip sticks into the flower?
Red Admiral Butterfly nectars on Bloodberry flower
This White Peacock Butterfly is sipping nectar from a Bloodberry flower:
White Peacock butterfly nectars on Bloodbery flower
My Bloodberry bush is up to about a foot tall now. I finally planted it next to a tree stump I want to hide. A friend planted Bloodberry Bushes a few years ago, and they're huge now, so I figure it's easier to wait a year or two to hide the stump than it would be to cut it down in the blazing Florida sun.

I've also seen sulphur butterflies, and skipper butterflies, like this Firey Skipper, nectar on Bloodberry.

Firey Skipper Butterfly Sips Nectar From a Bloodberry Flower
Bloodberry, Red Berry
I'm guessing this very red berry is where Bloodberry gets its name.
Bloodberry, Red Berry and Flower
This Ruddy Daggerwing Butterfly spent ages tasting seemingly every flower on the Bloodberry Bush:
Ruddy Daggerwing Butterfly nectars on Bloodberry flower
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