Beautyberry Callicarpa
Beautyberry is an attractive bush and a native Florida plant. I've heard that Mockingbirds like to eat the berries, and I have had them nest near the bush. It's difficult to get close enough to be sure of what they are nibbling on though.
The leaves are green. Oh, you want some details, sorry. The leaves get about hand sized on mature healthy bushes. They have jagged edges. They make a great resting place for various little visitors
like this blue long-legged fly.
They aren't this shiny; that was the flash. It's a bit dark out. Sometimes you need to work with what you have.
This bug hanging out on the unripe green berries sure does seem to be eating one, doesn't it? The bug is a Hyalymenus tarsatus.
I never did find out what that beetle crawling out of the berries is. It dropped to the ground and vanished after this picture and I haven't noticed another like it since.
Take a closer look at that picture. I was looking at the Gulf Fritillary Butterfly Caterpillar when I noticed the frog sleeping on the leaf. The caterpillar and the frog are on a Passiflora suberosa vine that is growing up the Beautyberry Bush.
Generally when I find food for bugs, which includes flowers, seeds, and berries, I find bugs that prey on bugs. This orange and black bug looks a little like a Milkweed Bug, but it has a long narrow head. It eats other bugs. This bug is an Ambush Bug.
Ahh, the joys of summer. look under the leaf:
This creepie-crawly under the leaf is a fly that bites. It's a deer fly. Don't be misled, they bite people too.
Beautyberry is a pretty plant. The brilliant purple berries are quite showy, and if you don't want that much purple, the white berried variety is an elegant alternative.
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