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Green Cay Wetlands  
The Green Cay Wetlands is a beautiful place to take a walk, enjoy nature, and get some fantastic pictures.
Snowy Egret
When you leave the parking lot and are about to enter the boardwalk, look down to see the footprints of those who came before:
Green Cay Wetlands Entrance Sign
Green Cay Wetlands Boardwalk Entrance
This little map I drew might help you find your way to Green Cay, and to the Wakodahatchee Wetlands, which is nearby and well worth a visit too:
The first bit of boardwalk passes through a patch of butterfly nectar and host plants, so keep an eye out for the butterflies as you approach the nature center.
    The nature center sits out over the water, and the boardwalk goes all the way around it as well as in a figure eight through the wetlands. Fortunately, even when the nature center is closed, the restrooms are accessible from outside. Check Green Cay's site for the nature center hours; there are some neat things inside to enjoy.
When you go to Green Cay, bring your sunscreen, and perhaps a hat. There are several pavilions with benches where you can rest in the shade, and the elevated boardwalk catches a much better breeze than ground level, but the Florida sun can be brutal, so come prepared.
It's a great place to bring the kids or grandkids, nieces and nephews (ect.) to see alligators from a safe vantage point. Sometimes they're in plain sight, but sometimes they're only eyeballs above the water; you have to really look for them.

Gators aside, the birds at Green Cay are fabulous!

Green Cay Wetlands Boardwalk Entrance Bird Tracks
Green Cay Nature Center Display
Green Cay Nature Center
Map to Green Cay Wetlands
Blue-winged Teal Duck
Family on the Green Cay Boardwalk
What you'll find, and how much of it you'll see, seems to change a bit with the seasons, but there is always something to enjoy looking at.
Alligator Eyes above the swampy water
Great Egret
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