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Please email me for permission before reproducing or using any part of my site, including my pictures, except:

If you're a student and want to use my pictures for school, please still email me, but go ahead and use what you need provided that you're not making a profit, and you credit my site.  I'm WAY behind on emails right now, and I don't want to delay your educational efforts. Thanks.

One of the emails I read too late was from someone with a booth at an event, and they wanted to pass out my coloring page.  Uses like that, where a bit of the printed content is freely given and includes my url: are fine.  Again, please email me so I can enjoy the thought of this being used, and make more stuff to share based on use and request.

If you have a web page, please link to my site if you want to point to it, or contact me for use. Those silly fun gifs I played with are an exception.  If you find them amusing, and you credit their source and link back, go ahead and enjoy some of them on your site.

Stuff for profit we'd need to discuss. I haven't figured out how to get my site to be self sufficient yet, so I'm interested if you have ideas.

In the interest of reducing spam email (I am stunned at how very much of that there is every day) I'm making my address a bit more difficult for a computer to use, but people should be able to handle it.  It's Steph, then the at sign, then mail dot heuristron period net.

Baby Play Gym
A Special THANK YOU to Tim Adams for identifying so many of my critters!
That little fellow all busy in his play gym is the primary reason I haven't answered your email. I will, but it's not going to be really soon. I also lost a few emails when I switched to my present computer, so if you really need an answer, please email me again.  I need to pull the old hard drive out and try to recover them, but I have ZERO time right now, so that isn't happening soon.  As this young man grows up, I'm very much looking forward supporting his exploration of the world as I have with my other children, and I'll gleefully photograph our finds along the way and add them here. Right now he's way to brave to remove my eyes from him long enough to get any pictures, but I'll squeeze a few in while other family members play with him and add them as I find time.
Dr. Peggy Green has taught me a lot about creatures, plants, and why native plants are important. Click here to explore Peggy's site.

I have gone to great lengths to ensure that the information I post is appropriate and correct, but I'm sure I've made mistakes here and there. The majority of my site is a learning journey for me that I'm sharing real time as I take it. If you find something that needs to be changed, please email me the details.

As with any information source, it's best to double check and verify your information from multiple sources. My site is a hobby; I am not an expert - I made the site to share what I'm discovering as I observe and interact with the nature around me.

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