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I had this one down to Sphinx Moth, and Tim Adams emailed me to let me know it's a Tersa Sphinx Moth. Thanks again Tim:)

I only had this photo when I got his email, but a few weeks later I found this one stuck in my patio. I climbed up to get pictures, and then I gently picked it up to release it outside. Of course, I got pictures on the way!

It just sat on my hand for a few seconds as though it was still asleep. Isn't it HUGE?
Tersa Sphinx Moth
Tersa Sphinx Moth
Tersa Sphinx Moth
Tersa Sphinx Moth
Tersa Sphinx Moth
Next it lifted its wings and began to vibrate them. I understand that they need do that to warm up their flight muscles before they can fly, and it was really neat to feel the vibrations in my hand and watch this Tersa Sphinx moth do it!
Wow, I didn't think I'd make it to page 2 on this moth, but here I am approaching my page height limit. Visit page two to see more fun photographs of this Tersa Sphinx Moth.
Tersa Sphinx Moth
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