Syngamia florella Moth  
I've seen a lot of these tiny moths, but whenever I looked up, "tiny black, brown, yellow, orange, red moth" I didn't find this one.
Syngamia florella Moth
You can see the proboscis of the moth above in the Spanish Needles Flower.
Finally I emailed Alan, and he was kind enough to tell me what kind it is; thanks Alan! Once I looked it up by its name: Syngamia florella Moth, it was easy to confirm that he was correct.
Syngamia florella Moth

The moth above sipping nectar from a Hempweed Vine. Butterflies really like its nectar too. The moth below is diving head first into a Richardia grandiflora flower.

Syngamia florella Moth Moth nectars on Hempweed vine flower
Syngamia florella Moth
Syngamia florella Moth Moth nectars on Fairy Cups, Richardia grandiflora flower
This next little Syngamia florella Moth above is sitting on my arm. I had to sneak up on a lot of them before I got that lucky!  I can only imagine how silly I look on a summer evening running in loopy circles across the lawn chasing bugs too small for the neighbors to see.
I don't know too much about these tiny moths, but every so often I have several of them darting about my yard. I need to follow them and see if I can catch one laying an egg so I know where to look for caterpillars.
This little Syngamia florella Moth is nectaring on Spermacoce verticillata.
Syngamia florella Moth
Syngamia florella Moth Moth nectars on Galium flower
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