Pluto Sphinx Moth Xylophanes pluto
This adorable Pluto Sphinx Moth Caterpillar was eating my mom's Firebush. Now it's in a bug box in my home. I'm waiting for it to make a cocoon and turn into a Pluto Sphinx Moth. I'll update with photos of the moth after it does.

In the meantime, if you'd like to see the very neat looking green adult moth, scroll through Bill's page on Xylophanes pluto.

Pluto Sphinx Moth, Xylophanes pluto, Caterpillar
Pluto Sphinx Moth, Xylophanes pluto, Caterpillar
Pluto Sphinx Moth, Xylophanes pluto, Caterpillar
Little Update:

It's become a very pretty cocoon. I can't wait to see the moth it becomes!

Bigger Update:

Woot! It emerged! Scroll on down to have a look at the beautiful green Pluto Moth it became! I have a few more photos to add when I have time, but I had to put one up this morning to share our new moth.

It sat on my fingers for a very brief time, quivering it's wings to warm them, then off it flew into the dark of early morning.

I had two Pluto Sphinx Moth caterpillars. This moth is the first one that emerged. Now the second has emerged and flown away too, but I spent a lot more time getting photos of it, including a fabulous view of the incredible gold underside of this beauty. Come see them on Page 2.
Pluto Sphinx Moth, Xylophanes pluto, Cocoon
Pluto Sphinx Moth, Xylophanes pluto
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