Oleander Moths  
Oleander Moths visit my yard only to nectar on my Buddleia. They resemble wasps, which probably helps keep them safe, but they're harmless, unless their caterpillars are eating your oleander.
oleander moth, Syntomeida epilais
Syntomeida epilais has dark wings with white dots. Empyreuma affinis  has reddish-orange wings. Both polka-dotted moths have metalic blue scales that make them shimmer in the sunlight.
oleander moth, Empyreuma affinis, nectars on white butterfly bush flowers
oleander moth, Empyreuma affinis, nectars on white buttonbush flowers
Oleandar moth caterpillars are orange with black hairy looking spines.
This Oleander Moth was sipping nectar in the late evening from the Buttonbush flowers next to the boardwalk at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands.
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