IO Moth Automeris io
The IO moth, Automeris io, is a colorful fuzzy looking bug.  I happened across this one, Wendy helped me identify it, and all of the sudden my butterfly site expanded to include moths.
Male IO Moth perched on my finger.
I think these are IO Moth Eggs.  The tree they were on was too far from home for me to go back and observe the hatchlings.
Close-up, the IO Moth caterpillar looks like it has a bunch of tiny sea urchins stuck to its back. The spines are dark at the tips. This is definitely a hands-off bug!
IO Moth Eggs
This is the stinging IO Moth caterpillar. They STING, so do not touch them!

Chris tells me, "I can confirm from first-hand experience that the Io moth caterpillar's sting is painful."

Butterfly caterpillars, as far as I know, are generally fine to handle; mine have never bothered me (get your own safety advice, don't count on mine!), but some moth caterpillars, like this one, are supposed to be very uncomfortable to handle, or downright painful as Chris tells us these are.  These are hands off bugs!

Chris and Luis, thanks for helping me sort out my spotted moths!

Green IO Moth Caterpillar with a white and orange stripe down the side and clusters of green stinging spines that look like little green sea urchins are stuck all over it
Close-up photograph of green stinging IO Moth Caterpillar Spines
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