Anisota Virginiensis Moth  
What a beautiful bug! I walked outside briefly to check my butterfly caterpillars, and this lovely Anisota Virginiensis Moth was snoozing on a tall blade of grass in my back yard. I immediately sat down (thank goodness not on a fire ant mound!) to get some photos of it.
Anisota Virginiensis Moth
I was afraid it would wake up and leave if I handled it, so I gently tore off the blade of grass it was on and snapped photos from a variety of angles. Of course, a few moments later it did wake up and fly off rapidly. I haven't seen one like it since.

I've kept an eye on the trees hoping for a caterpillar, but no luck yet. Of course, I'll post it if I find one.

Anisota Virginiensis Moth
Anisota Virginiensis Moth
Anisota Virginiensis Moth
Anisota Virginiensis Moth
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