Yellow growth in mulch and a puffball mushroom
At first glance, it just looked like mulch, but upon closer inspection, something yellow, and orange, and white was growing beneath it.
yellow, orange and white stuff growing in mulch, possibly fungi or a slime mold
When I picked up some of the mulch, it clung together in large clumps, held together by bright yellow tendrils:
This dead leaf was partly covered by the mystery fungus. It displays the wave of cotton like fuzz and the orange waffle like structures.
yellow, orange and white stuff growing in mulch, possibly fungi or a slime mold
I'm not sure there's a correlation, but about four months prior to this yellow fungi, or perhaps slime mold, I plucked this puffball from the same mulch; there were quite a few around:
Curiosity led me to open the puffball mushroom:
bright yellow root like structures in mulch
decaying leaf, orange waffle structures, white and yellow cottony fungal growth
puffball mushroom
Sorry, I have no firm ID on these. The ball seems to be a puffball mushroom.  The yellow stuff - who knows?  Drop me an email if you're sure.
puffball mushroom broken open to reveal the dark spores
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