Silly Child  

Sill child, sitting there
Staring blankly, into air

There is oh so much to do,
You could go and play with Sue

Yet, here you are,
You know, this won’t get you very far.

Silly child, won’t you move?
Or answer to your mothers coo?

Look at them, now, -I say,-
Won’t you ever change your ways?

I doubt you care about the things you can see,
Since you sit there, as still as me.

Silly child, won’t you speak?
You have been silent for days and weeks.


© 2009 Evelyn Sanchez

Silly mother, listen please
And get off your knobby knees

I cannot stay,
I have to go today

Mother, please, listen to me
And please, please, try to see

Silly mother, do not cry
It’s finally my time to fly

This is it,
Please just sit.

Mother please, it’s too late
It was simply my fate

Silly child, do not ask,
Of what was in your distant past.



© 2009 Evelyn Sanchez

You haven’t uttered on little pep,
Really, what benefits will the reap?

Look at how, they worry so,
Have you ever felt this low?

Silly child, please stand up,
You are no longer a little pup.

Your mother, look how she cries,
And your father can do naught but sigh.

Your brother wants to lend a hand
And your sister, she doesn’t understand.

Silly child, come back home
It can’t be fun, all alone

You haven’t really been here
And you’ve caused them so much fear

Please, do not leave,-
She begs,- as she grabs your sleeve

© 2009 Evelyn Sanchez

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