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Leaving Home

By: Evelyn Sanchez

Once upon a time in a land far, far away their lived a beautiful girl. Because of her beauty, her mother didn't let her leave the house.
    One day, however, she got bored and wanted to explore. That night she decided to leave by sneaking through a window while her mother was sleeping.
    As she traveled through the dense woods that surrounded her home, she got lost, desperate and scared. She began running through the woods, trying to find her way home.
    However, she couldn't seem retrace her path back home. Then, it started to rain and the girl, scared and now wet and cold, found a small, empty cave where she could sleep for the night.
    When she woke up, she was upset, she had hoped that it had been a dream; that she had never left home.
    She left the cave when her stomach growled, demanding food but she couldn't find any and she couldn't kill anything so she sat down and started crying. She wanted to go home and eat.
    Time passed and eventually she stood and sighed in resentment and she started heading east.
    Quickly, she came across a man sleeping by a banked fire. He jumped up, sword in hand when she stepped on a twig
    "Who are you?" the man demanded turning to her.

    "Alanna," she said nervously.
    "Oh! You’re a girl," he said lowering his defenses, "I'm sorry, come. Sit.” And so she did.
    He gave her food and wrapped a blanket around her
    "Where did you come from Alanna?" he asked curiously.
    She told him what had happened and asked for his help getting home. He agreed to help her.
“But first, I have to go see my godmother," he told her, "she lives in this forest, you are welcomed to come with me,"
    Blushing, she agreed.
    So, she helped him pack up camp and the two of them traveled through the woods with a horse following them
    soon, they came across an unused path and they followed it.
    "We're almost there," the man said when Alanna yawned.
    She smiled and thanked him for the information.
    Thirty minutes later, they came across a small house that Alanna recognized. A lady sat in front of the house, she looked sad and haggard
    "MAMA!" Alanna yelled rushing to her
The woman jumped up and met Alanna half way, scooping her up into a hug.
“My baby, why did you leave?" she cried. "I was so worried!"
    Alanna was crying to as she apologized over and over.
"How did you find your way back?" her mother asked when they had calmed down.
    "A man helped me!" Alanna grinned. "Your godson!"
 Her mother blinked, "Dear, what are you talking about? I don't have a godson!"
    © 2010 Evelyn Sanchez