A bunch of group drawings ranging up from three people. Enjoy!
RP Group Picture
RP Group Picture
These two are drawings of my ex-rp (roleplay) group. We didn't get very far, turns out that when more then two people role play it gets chaotic >>
A Normal Day with Friends
This drawing is actually based off my friends and me. To the far left is one of my friends "Eco-Friendly" who hates any contact. I love teasing him. I'm next "E" and holding me is my friend "ID". She always tries to stop me from bugging him... even though she joins in at times. Over on the right are three more of my friends, "Annoying Riddler", ""No toma mi pictura!"", and "Artist" they pretty much ignore us and act like they don't know us; although, "Annoying Riddler" joins in sometimes in teasing "Eco-Friendly".  (Yes... those are very bad codenames XD)
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