everywhere family
Everywhere, chaos reigns
You cannot live with peace and fame.
Throughout the world, people die,
Children starve and mothers cry.
Families broken through war and faith,
Can’t live together, think life’s a race.
Children, everywhere, too young to understand,
Mommy’s gone, daddy’s bad.
Sisters, Brothers, drifting away,
Mothers, Fathers, not enough to say.
Hypocrites, calling to god every day,
Give them money and fuel their ways.
Sweet little Annie down the street,
Vanished mysteriously, gone this week.
Down to the creek, she and little Tommy went,
They vanished, gone, just like that.
What kind of world is this?
Where kids, teens, adults
Are kidnapped, taken right outside their door?
What kind of world is this?
Where no one is safe,
At home, at work, at school, on the street?
Fear of guns, fear of drugs,
Fear of bombs,
fear of bugs.
What kind of world is this?

The sky is blue, the sun is up,
Yet, throughout the world, darkness reigns,
In our hearts, in our minds,
In our families, in our time.


© 2010 Evelyn Sanchez



So far, everyone who has seen this poem has been really confused when they see "fear of bugs".

When I write that, I don't mean, "Ahh! There's a bee! Save me!" I mean, fear of disease, biological warfare, AIDS, etc.

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