Couple drawings. Not all of them are boyfriend-girlfriend or husband-wife ones. Some are just two people. XD

Couple Green and Purple
This one is on the main page of my drawings. It also happens to be my favorite. ^_^
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Couple Kiyoshi and Kazuki
Couple Embrace
The picture to the left was a request from my friend. I drew it at school, hence the lined paper and colored it in with colored pencils.
The drawing to the right I probably should've colored in. It's a little confusing. The person facing away has their arms wrapped around the guy holding them. They're both kneeling.
The picture above I drew while I was practicing poses. It's not that great and my dad kinda spazzed when he saw it... well... so did my mom. XDD

Click here for reference picture.

I don't remember when I drew this one exactly, but when I showed my parents they asked if I was planning on dying my hair purple and running off with a green haired guy... I have no idea where they got the idea from. XDD
Couple Wall Kiss
Couple Sunset